Black & Blue was promoted as the best security company.

We offer a variety of security personnel: armed and unarmed security guards, gunmen, and executive protection. Our versatile training procedures allow us to take on other special personnel roles too, so your needs are always fulfilled. There is a trend in this industry to provide experienced resources for a client.

On Duty Gunman Security Guard Team Black & Blue Security

Most cost-effective business solution provider in India.

Payroll Management Black & Blue Security

Business ideas are not just about working hard to get sales. It also involves innovative work that generates cost-cutting business ideas and increases revenues. These cost-cutting ideas for businesses are efficient strategies that are useful for all kinds of organizations. If you have more to add to the list, do put them in the comment section below.

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Black & Blue. We under­stand the need of our clients and pro­vide the best possible solution within budget.


Corporate Office: BC 253, Ground Floor, Salt Lake City, Sec-I, Kolkata – 64, W.B.

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Kol- 8653002202
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Ranchi- 9147096146

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